Third Pillars of NITRO™:
Reporting & Analytics to Optimize Service Delivery

“Reporting & Analytics” forms the third pillar of our unique NITRO™ application service layer. With NITRO™ as the foundation of all our applications and custom development projects, we are able to provide highly capable, full-featured applications for SharePoint or Office 365 as well as quick development and deployment, with lower costs.

Reporting & Analytics are crucial to know both the immediate status of work in-progress and the longer-term trends. This important information identifies stuck points and bottlenecks and guides decision-making that drives continuous service improvement.

At Crow Canyon, we want our applications to provide the data and results you need so you can make good decisions and see how to provide better service and faster resolutions to your customers and employees. As the saying goes, “good data = good decisions”. The reporting tools in our SharePoint and Office 365 applications aim to do the following:

  • Answer key performance questions
  • Identify root causes and issues
  • Guide staff performance optimization
  • Monitor Service Level Agreements
  • Provide immediate real-time reports
  • Provide historical and trend reports

We have a set of tools that deliver these “Reporting & Analytics” capabilities to our SharePoint and Office 365 applications:

REPORT CENTER: Central to reporting in both SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 is the Crow Canyon Report Center. This tools provides a variety of reports on any data set in our various applications. Charts, tables, and graphs can all be generated. The reports can be saved, emailed, printed, or displayed on the screen; they can be scheduled; they can be changed and edited in real-time; and they can be used in dashboards and workspaces. The reports are easily configured, both in the data sets used in the report and how they results are displayed. The reports can show immediate, real-time views for staff and technicians working the application, and historical trends for managers and admins.

DASHBOARDS: Dashboards display current, real-time information in visually attractive displays that include counters, gauges, meters, and drill-down. Dashboard pages are highly customizable with no coding to delivery the stats and detail you need so you know what actions need to be taken to keep operations running smoothly.

CONFIGURABLE WORKSPACES: SharePoint workspace pages are highly configurable to show a collection of data — reports, list views, visual displays, Tiles & Dials, and more — so that you have a comprehensive summary of the application. These workspaces can be role-based so that staff, managers, and admins have different sets of information, appropriate to their jobs. Many web parts and addins are available to create unique pages that adapt to your working style and needs, not the other way around.

LIST VIEWS: Filtering, grouping, sorting and a multiplicity of views are used to present just the information you need at the time you need it. The list views are enhanced with highlighting, color indicators, KPIs, and bolding to further emphasize and communicate information about each ticket and the status of the queue.

TILES & DIALS: Tiles & Dials provides gauges, meters, and number boxes to present an instantaneous snapshot of the critical information in each application — for example, new, overdue, open, closed or whatever for any of these (depending on which application is in use): tickets, work orders, employee requests, change orders, onboarding tasks, purchase requests, contract renewal, equipment needing maintenance, assets needing replacement, and more.

POWER BI: Power BI is a tool provided by Microsoft that can be used in conjunction with our applications to generate reports. It consists of Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, and Power BI Mobile. These components can be used to read data from SharePoint and Office 365 lists in our applications and produce a variety of reports for an overview and analysis of application performance.

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