Accelerate application implementation using our Quick Start Configuration. Our aim is to help you get the application in production as soon as possible. The QuickStart Configuration gets your users and staff up to speed rapidly so they can administer and use it effectively on an ongoing basis. Fast track your understanding of the application’s structure and configuration capabilities.

The Service includes:

  • 1 Online installation on your server
  • 2 Setup of SharePoint Users, Groups and Permissions
  • 3 Review of the Application Structure and Web parts

Configuration of the application including:

Price: $995

  • 1 Categories, Types and templates
  • 2 Notifications and alerts
  • 3 Review Ticket list Views and setup
  • 4 Workspace review (by user role)
  • 5 Initial field and form changes (up to 3 fields)
  • 6 Knowledge base setup
  • 7 SLA setup
  • 8 Online Training session for the Administrator and Service Desk staff
  • 9 End-user tutorial videos for your use

SharePoint Configuration Quick Start Plus – Up to 12 Hours Configuration

This Service includes all basic Quick Start Services plus much more in-depth configuration:

Price: $1695

  • 1 Modifying the ticket forms — adding, removing, renaming, regroups of fields and tabs
  • 2 Creating specific list views
  • 3 Creating or modifying Staff and Manager workspaces
  • 4 Configuring Dashboards with tables, charts, and reports to fit your needs
  • 5 Implementing notifications, alerts, and escalations
  • 6 Supporting your specific processes with workflow customization
  • 7 Other configuration work to meet your specific requirements

For more information about Quick Start SharePoint Configuration, please contact us.

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