A large US-based consulting company uses an offshore subsidiary to research legal issues. This US firm was having issues with communicating research requests to its India-based group. People needing research reports were sending emails, but there was no way to track the progress of the request after the initial email.

These reports were crucial to the consulting company’s business. They needed answers to questions their clients were asking so they could move ahead on important projects and win deals. While emails worked to initiate the request, the inability to track status and manage progress caused issues and difficulties for the US side of the business. The widely different time zones caused significant delays due to using email to correspond about a project.

Crow Canyon brought in its Request Manager application for SharePoint to replace the email-based system. Crow Canyon’s program ended the mystery and confusion of not knowing if and when a research report would be completed. Requesters no longer needed to pester the researchers with emails asking for status updates. Researchers update projects overnight and the consultants know the status first thing in the morning.

Attractive Portal For End Users

The program gives users an attractive portal where they can submit requests and view existing requests. With this portal, they instantly know the status of each report, when the expected due date is, who is working on it, and any issues or problems the research team is encountering.

On the offshore side, the system lets researchers know what tasks they have been assigned, who they are doing it for, when the expected due date is, and many other details. They can easily enter updates or status changes, as well as communicate back to the requester.

In addition, the Crow Canyon Request Manager for SharePoint provides reports as to how many requests were made, who handled them, how much time was spent, whether the due date was met, and many other important data points. These reports help guide a continuous cycle of improvement in research report delivery by identifying bottlenecks and showing where positive changes can be made.

The Crow Canyon Request Manager for SharePoint gives a full, comprehensive view to all concerned parties as to the status, the communications, and the progress of each and every research request. Crow Canyon’s system has greatly improved the research request process at the consulting company, resulting in smoother operations, happier employees, and better service to its clients.

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