NITRO™ Studio Components

Primary Components

Design and implement customized forms to make an attractive and useful interface for submitting, editing, or viewing list items.
NITRO Workflow NITRO Workflows
Implement complex business workflows that run automatically based on activities and timers on list items. Set alerts and notifications, create sub-tasks, escalate items, update items, etc.
NITRO Reports NITRO Reports
Configure a variety of graphical reports, tables, and charts and show on custom pages and dashboards.
NITRO Portal Power Portal
An advanced and highly configurable portal that provides an engaging and secure interface for users to interact with a SharePoint application.


Secondary Components

Advanced Approvals Advanced Approvals
Allows new items to be approved, denied or sent back via an email approval process. Includes multiple levels of approvals.
Enhanced List Forms Enhanced List Forms
Add tabs, groups, permissions, dynamic fields, validations, and more to SharePoint list items
Advanced Lookup Advanced Lookup
Enhances standard SharePoint lookup columns with filtering, cross-site lookup, and access to multiple columns on the looked up item.
Linked Items Linked Items
Create and display related items directly on a parent item, whether in the same site or a different site.
Branding Branding
Easily customize the look and feel of SharePoint sites with a variety of built-in themes and Quick Launch options.
List Rollup List Roll Up
Combine multiple lists into one view for easy access to data spread across SharePoint lists.
Cascade Lookup Cascading Lookup
Create drop lists where the selections in one (the child list) depends on what is selected in another (the parent list). Can set up multiple levels of cascading drop lists.
Mail Templates Mail Templates
Create HTML-formatted email templates with embedded placeholders for list columns and links.
Conditional Formatting Conditional Formatting
Highlight important items and format list views based on conditions, using colors and KPI indicators.
Print Manager Print Manager
Create and use highly configurable templates for printing lists or individual items in SharePoint.
Custom Actions Custom Actions
Create buttons to run custom actions, such as item updates and email notifications, directly on a SharePoint list form.
Tiles and Dials Tiles & Dials
Display list item counts as tiles using ‘Crow Canyon Tiles’ and arcs or dials using ‘Crow Canyon Dials’.
Email Manager Email Manager
Send emails from SharePoint lists and perform item updates. Capture email conversations in SharePoint list items.
User Info Filler User Info Filler
Populate multiple fields on a list item based on the logged-in user or a selected user.
Email Sync Email Sync
Turn emails to any Exchange or Office 365 mailbox into SharePoint list items.
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