A large, New York City-based religious organization was inundated with requests for counseling and other ministry services. With over 100,000 members to serve, the staff was on overload trying to use email or spreadsheets to manage the work. Requests were inadvertently delayed, dropped, and ignored, resulting in member dissatisfaction and poor service.

Crow Canyon’s request management system enhances responsiveness and helps the organization provide excellent service to its members.

The church turned to Crow Canyon to implement an efficient and effective system for managing the requests. Crow Canyon provided a membership service system in SharePoint that accurately tracks all requests and assigns them to the right people. Timely alerts and reminders are sent out. Reports can be run, both real-time and historical, to further manage and enhance responsiveness. The system works to make sure all requests are responded to and answered or resolved in a satisfactory manner.

In addition, the church needed to link the requests with its large membership database. When requests are submitted, the Crow Canyon system can query the database to find members that match the person making the request. The results are presented to the person working the request ticket so that the corresponding member is linked to the request. At any time, further details of the member’s account can be easily accessed from the request. This is important in providing top-notch service to the members.

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