The U.S. Military frequently must test out new software configurations in a “cyber laboratory”. This is an on-demand virtual lab that is used for the term of the testing, then broken down afterwards. These tests require the quick provisioning of a comprehensive, dedicated environment that is completely isolated from the development and production environments.

One Washington D.C.-area provider of these virtual labs reduces the cost, time, and disruption of setting up fully functioning test environments by using Crow Canyon’s SharePoint-based software. The provider’s clients benefit from the company’s extensive inventory, expert knowledge, proven repeatable processes, and comprehensive customer information, which reduce infrastructure and overhead costs, keep projects on schedule, and accelerate time-to-readiness.

The company needed a partner with proven performance and solid Microsoft SharePoint expertise to ensure its internal asset tracking and customer management systems supplied the control and visibility to support its high-quality service to military clients.

Crow Canyon Asset Tracking, Customer Management, and Service Desk help ensure efficient service for clients

The company turned to Crow Canyon for a SharePoint-based solution to unify its asset and customer information, and provide comprehensive realtime visibility. Crow Canyon’s Asset Tracking automates equipment check-out and check-in for all the company’s resources – cross-referencing assets with customer projects, service records, usage, and documentation.  Customer Management optimizes project provisioning with a complete view of clients’ IT environment and past projects, as well as a knowledge base that speeds implementation and problem solving.  And Crow Canyon’s automatic maintenance alerts prevent problems before they happen – keeping clients’ projects on track, and avoiding costly delays and repairs.

Crow Canyon modules integrate seamlessly with the company’s back office management systems to leverage its SharePoint investment. At the same time, Crow Canyon’s configurable modules eliminate the time and expense for one-off customization and special training.  Further, Crow Canyon’s flexibility provides a future-proof foundation that can manage any type of virtual test environment as well as clients’ increasingly complex and sophisticated testing requirements.

To learn more about Crow Canyon’s SharePoint-based Asset Tracking, Service Desk, and Customer Management software, contact or call (888) 706-0070.

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