Our Asset Management for SharePoint now includes Barcoding and SCCM Integration

Crow Canyon’s popular Asset Management for SharePoint already has many important features — full lifecycle Asset tracking, vendor management, ticket tracking, maintenance scheduling, and support contract management, among others.

Now, we have added Barcoding and SCCM ((Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager) integration to this feature set, further expanding the program’s capabilities.

  • Barcoding gives you the ability to quick identify and catalog an asset. It can be used for initial asset intake, inventory, check-in/check-out, and other purposes. With a simple barcode scanner, management of the assets becomes much easier.
  • SCCM integration allows you to link our Asset program with records in an SCCM database. The data can be synchronized, according to specifications you set. We have also developed a unique web interface to show SCCM data.

The SCCM integration is in addition to ones we have developed for other network discovery tools, including Lansweeper, Dell KACE, EMCO Network Inventory, and others. All these tools, when used in conjunction with our Asset Management for SharePoint, provide a full spectrum view of the Assets.

Do you need to better track your assets? Are assets getting lost? Is maintenance not being done? This can cost your organization time and money. Gain the benefits of our Asset Management for SharePoint!