Benicia, California (June 16, 2014) – Crow Canyon Systems, Inc., has released a new Discussion Column web part for SharePoint that greatly improves on SharePoint’s Multiple Lines of Text column. This new web part gives users and administrators greater flexibility and performance when tracking and logging conversations on tickets, tasks, projects, and other collaborative work.

The Crow Canyon Discussion Column simplifies the use of Multiple Lines of Text and corrects many of its weaknesses. It provides for a faster, more efficient interaction with the system, cleaner data entry, more granular access and viewing of entries, greater control by both users and administrators, and unrestricted export.

The Discussion Column improves on the Multiple Lines of Text column as follows:

  • Removes the requirement for Versioning to be turned on for the list — the standard Multiple Lines of Text column requires Versioning to be turned on to use “Append Changes to Existing Text”, which can result in high data storage needs due to the many versions of each list item that are created.
  • Adds a Date Stamp and User Name to each entry — the standard Multiple Lines of Text column does not do this unless “Append Changes to Existing Text” is selected, which requires Versioning to be turned on for the list.
  • Eliminates blank entries — the standard Multiple Lines of Text column puts in a blank entry every time the item is saved, even if nothing was entered in the box.
  • Allows viewing of entries from List View — the standard Multiple Lines of Text opens the full item, not just the entries.
  • Exports all entries to Excel and Access — the standard Multiple Lines of Text column only allows export of the latest entry.
  • Allows users to delete their own entries, and for administrators to delete all entries — the standard Multiple Lines of Text column does not allow previous entries to be deleted.

“We understand the need for SharePoint users and administrators to be able to interact quickly and efficiently with each other,” said Scott Restivo, CEO of Crow Canyon Systems. “Our team recognized several challenges with the Multiple Lines of Text box. We have tackled these limitations head on with the new Discussion Column web part, making it easier to create, view, and export log entries.”

The Discussion Column runs on SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. More information on this innovative and useful tool can be obtained by visiting or calling 925 478-3110.

About Crow Canyon Systems

Crow Canyon provides a portfolio of powerful SharePoint business process applications to help organizations dramatically improve their business process and flow. Solutions include IT Help Desk Support, Customer Service Requests, Facilities Maintenance and Asset Tracking. The Crow Canyon staff has developed a reputation for quickly tailoring each application to the specific needs of its clients, without the heavy price tag and long deployment times usually associated with custom installations.  Their skill and dedication to meet each client’s unique needs has consistently earned them high marks from their client base and on published software review sites.

For more information, please visit or call 925 478-3110.