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Digital Workplace SharePoint Office 365

Digital Transformation: How Crow Canyon Powers Up SharePoint and Office 365

Crow Canyon’s unique NITRO™ application service layer powers up SharePoint and Office 365 to deliver true business automation capabilities. Applications built on NITRO™ drive productivity and efficiency by making full use of the SharePoint and Office 365 platforms.

Hybrid SharePoint Ecosystem

BYU Research Project Highlights Hybrid SharePoint

Crow Canyon helped sponsor a survey by BYU of 600 companies in an exploration to understanding the state of the hybrid SharePoint ecosystem. To begin, it shows only 1/4 of these companies are completely on Office 365.

Electric Utility Compliance NERC

Electric Regulatory Compliance

How to ensure compliance with complex electric industry regulations without being bogged down by inefficiencies? Is the management of your facility fully optimized and audit-ready 24/7? If not, then read on

Financial Compliance Whitepaper

Financial Compliance

Is your financial services company struggling to keep up with a deluge of compliancy regulations? Looking for solutions that are familiar, yet capable of addressing your needs? Look no further.

Future Tech Trends White Paper

Future Trends in Office 365

Has the world of productivity apps already been conquered? Microsoft explores new vistas in Machine Learning and, with Google in its wake, eyes its newest challenger… Adobe.


ITIL-Lite: Service Management for Small-to-Medium Businesses

The ITIL Framework provides important guidance on IT Service Delivery, but is geared for large enterprises. However, the same principles can be applied, in a lighter way, to SMBs.

SharePoint 2016 Data Security Whitepaper

SharePoint 2016 and Data Security

With SharePoint 2016 on the horizon, many organizations are concerned about security-related features, particularly with regards to their integration with the Cloud. In this whitepaper, we’ll explore some of the expected changes to data security in SharePoint 2016.

Hybrid Cloud Whitepaper

Hybrid: A Bridge to the Cloud

The growth of the cloud continues apace and is now being combined with on-premises deployments to create a new product termed hybrid. In this whitepaper, we’ll look at the evolution of the cloud and how the hybrid concept may become the new normal.

State of IT 2016 Whitepaper

State of IT: 2016

Wondering what lies ahead for the remainder of the year? Ready for SP 2016? How about the cloud wars? And have Microsoft and Apple found common ground? Read on to find out.

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