1 12, 2017

Application Portals & Intranets: How Do They Interact?

2019-09-11T14:05:08+00:00December 1st, 2017|

Recently we introduced the concept of the SharePoint Application Portal as a friendly, functional interface for users to engage with our SharePoint-integrated applications. In our initial blog article, we discussed the benefits of application portals for both users and admins; in a subsequent article, we went into more detail about how our application portals facilitate [...]

21 09, 2017

Application Portals: An In-depth Look

2019-09-11T13:56:19+00:00September 21st, 2017|

We gave an overview of the advantages of using Applications Portals in a previous blog article. We explained how our applications use these portals to encourage users to engage with SharePoint. The portals give users a friendly, intuitive interface to interact with the Help Desk, the Support Desk, Purchasing, HR, or other business applications. These [...]

12 09, 2017

Application Portals: Putting Users in the Driver’s Seat

2019-09-11T13:07:11+00:00September 12th, 2017|

One way our applications boost the power of SharePoint and Office 365 is through the use of Application Portals. These Application Portals give users ways to engage effectively with our applications, thereby driving user adoption and accelerating usage of SharePoint and Office 365. Application Portals differ from Intranets, Team Sites, and Comm Sites in that [...]

5 01, 2017

Digital Transformation: Powering Productivity

2019-01-26T23:48:55+00:00January 5th, 2017|

What is "Digital Transformation"? On the user side, Digital Transformation is characterized by making people's life easier. What was once difficult or time-consuming is now straightforward. Fifteen years ago, buying a book meant visiting a retail outlet, baking a cake meant flipping through recipes from stacks of magazines, and preparing a business report meant using [...]

2 11, 2016

NITRO™ In-Depth: Reporting & Analytics

2019-12-05T15:49:36+00:00November 2nd, 2016|

How is your Service Desk performing? What are the bottlenecks? What can be improved? In our last blog article, Continual Service Improvement, we described how Reporting & Analytics, the “Third Pillar” of our NITRO™ application layer, can help you understand "where you're at, where you’ve been, and where you need to go" in terms [...]

26 10, 2016

Reporting & Analytics Drive Continual Service Improvement in Crow Canyon Applications

2019-01-26T23:55:16+00:00October 26th, 2016|

In a previous blog post, we discussed how workflows within Crow Canyon's NITRO™ system are used to move tickets and requests towards resolution. NITRO™-powered SharePoint and Office 365 applications from Crow Canyon put the workflow configuration into your hands. You can easily define and implement workflows that are relevant & meet your unique business -- [...]

24 10, 2016

Go With the Workflow in SharePoint and Office 365

2019-01-26T23:55:48+00:00October 24th, 2016|

Need new hardware? Want access to a secure database? Onboarding a new employee? All these are “workflows” – a request needs to be initiated, then routed through the proper approvals; tasks need to be assigned, work needs to be done, and the request must be seen through to completion, whether fulfilled or rejected, or resolved [...]

14 10, 2016

Making SharePoint & Office 365 Even Better with NITRO™

2019-01-26T23:56:22+00:00October 14th, 2016|

Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint are, without a doubt, the leaders in the world of IT productivity and collaborative environments. In the five years since its launch, Office 365 has become the most popular enterprise cloud service. Office 365 is now firmly entrenched as the productivity platform of choice for many U.S. enterprises. SharePoint has [...]

29 09, 2016

NITRO™ In-Depth: Configuration is King

2019-01-26T23:57:24+00:00September 29th, 2016|

In our last blog article we expanded on the introduction of our NITRO™ technology layer by discussing the role of User Interface & User Experience in our product family. When it comes to User Interface, the focus is on functionality and the user's interaction with a digital environment. In short, we want our products to [...]

21 09, 2016

NITRO™ In-Depth: UI/UX

2019-01-26T23:58:00+00:00September 21st, 2016|

Crow Canyon’s NITRO™ is a back-end technological layer that forms the foundation of our SharePoint and Office 365-integrated solutions. With our NITRO-powered applications, you no longer have to settle for run-of-the-mill, standardized SharePoint or Office 365 environments that do not meet your business needs. Instead, you can turn SharePoint and Office 365 into "Digital Workspaces" [...]

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