What do you do when you have multiple help desks within an organization? Management needs an application to be able to track documentation and assess the performanceCall center operators of each help desk.

Multiple help desks can arise when you have branches nationwide or even globally. This can also be the case when an organization expands through company mergers and acquisitions.

The solution would be to install an application where all help desks operate from a common platform, while essentially still retaining their independence. This can also be implemented in a way that caters for each help desk’s specific needs and requirements.

If a software solution can be installed to allow 18 help desks within an organization to operate effectively (SharePoint has proven it’s possible), imagine the versatility it could provide for a company that may have only a few different help desks!

Service Request Application for SharePoint 

Branch offices of an organization, whether at a national or global level, often operate as separate business units. Each may have specific needs. Fortunately, the service request application can be customized to meet these individual requirements.

Many help desks receive service requests via email. One concern may be that with the introduction of a new system, end users will resist any changes. However, the application can be installed on the back end; meanwhile, the software can read incoming emails and automatically convert them into a tickets. This eliminates the need to change end users’ mode of interaction with the help desk.

Benefits of Using Only One Service Request Application
  • The system is flexible, efficient and fast.
  • It allows management to monitor and draw reports without having to collate data from each help desk individually.
  • Automation of certain business processes allows support and service personnel to concentrate on their core responsibilities.
  • It can assign service requests automatically to service personnel and technicians for faster resolution.
  • Tracking of service requests is far easier and virtually eliminates the risk of a request being lost or forgotten in the system.
  • It allows management to track the performance of individual service staff.

Why wait to improve the operation and efficiency of your organization’s help desks? Call in a skilled professional software company that knows how to leverage the multiple advantages that SharePoint can bring to this all-important aspect of running your organization.

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