Customer service is critical to any organization and a call center is in the front lines in delivering a quality customer experience. Questions must be answered quickly and accurately to ensure customer satisfaction. Requests and inquiries have to be routed to the right groups so responses can meet and exceed customer expectations.

This is especially true in a banking environment, where there is the added element of sensitive financial information and services. Crow Canyon was tasked with providing Call Center software in a SharePoint environment that would be able to handle the myriad request, issues, problems, and complaints that come in from a major international bank’s customers.

The Call Center was given one central point of call entry along with multiple backend queues. New calls are auto-routed to the correct queue for expeditious handling by the group responsible. These are such areas as electronic banking, card services, consumer credit, operations, as well as branch-specific queues.

The Call Center had to serve the bank’s locations in several countries, presenting functionality specific to the country while also providing management at headquarters an overview and control over the queues.

Initially created to serve the bank’s consumer customers, it has now been expanded with great success to include corporate customers as well.

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