what's new in SharePoint 2019

With a much-ballyhooed announcement at the SharePoint Conference North America last month, SharePoint 2019 officially arrived… well, sort of. The early preview won’t start until “Summer 2018” with most RTM features ready for preview later in 2018 or early 2019. But what is it all about?

SharePoint 2019 Breakdown

Microsoft still hasn’t released a full rundown of features for SharePoint 2019, mostly because they are still being developed, but the following is a short explanation of some of the most important additions to the new On-Prem version of SharePoint.

Modern UI

For those using SharePoint 2013 or older, you may be aware that SharePoint Online users have been benefiting from an updated UI. This interface has greatly increased functionality and usability with its up-to-date web technology, mobile responsiveness, and reorganization of lists and libraries. Finally, this UI is coming to On-Premise systems.

Though not identical to SP Online, it will be very similar and bring to On-prem the most important aspects, more intuitive navigation, Team News and Communication sites, mobile responsive design, advanced web parts, and over-all an aesthetic boost that has proven helpful with adoption in the online environment.

For a comparison of Modern vs. Classic sites click

PowerApps Integration

With SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016, you had to install additional tools on your server to use PowerApps. SharePoint 2019 will have a native integration with PowerApps.

Native Hybrid Support

SharePoint 2016 did have Hybrid support but 2019 expands on this native support that can be configured during your deployment. Microsoft is hoping to help businesses grow more comfortable with Cloud and Online environments as their long-term goal is to bring everything to the cloud.

InfoPath Support

InfoPath is still deprecated. There is no turning back on this, so it is important to continue looking for that next step, but now you can comfortably update your SharePoint and continue using InfoPath until 2023 when all support will be discontinued. Luckily there are plenty of options out there for you such as NITRO Studio™ by Crow Canyon Software.

Full List of Current Features
  • Modern Sites, Pages, Lists, and Libraries
  • Team News
  • SharePoint Home
  • Communication Sites
  • OneDrive Sync Client
  • Improved hybrid support and scenarios
  • New developer options
  • Improved support for business process with PowerApps and Flow
Should I upgrade to SharePoint 2019?

Short answer is yes, but it depends. If you are already planning on moving to SharePoint 2016, keep those plans in place, as Microsoft still struggles with easily enabling n+2 migrations. SharePoint 2019 is still approximately 1 year out from being fully ready for enterprise businesses. The best option is to go to Office 365 and get the full benefits of the newest features when they come out. However, if you are not in a position to go to the cloud, keep an eye on Microsoft’s release plans, and then plan your upgrade accordingly.

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