OnboardingIntegrating a new team member into an organization is often fraught with inefficiencies. Multiple departments need to coordinate activities so that the new hire can hit the ground running. For many companies, the onboarding process is a bit chaotic, leaving new employees with doubts before they even begin.

With an efficient onboarding system, however, enterprises have an opportunity to streamline their new employee workflows while facilitating smooth communications between multiple departments.

The Onboarding Problem – Interaction of Multiple Departments

As organizations grow, the onboarding process often becomes one of the first HR activities to experience inefficiencies. This usually derives from inter-departmental communication issues, poorly configured new employee workflows, and a reliance on outdated technology.

Onboarding can involve many moving parts and department approvals, such as:

  • Legal Department: Creation, review, and approval of contractual agreements;
  • Finance Department: Confirmation and approval of employee remuneration, benefits, and payroll setup;
  • Asset Management: Procurement and delivery of employee assets, such as IT assets (hardware and software) and equipment (office supplies);
  • IT Department: Provision of user credentials, access to software/databases, access permissions, company resources, etc.; and,
  • Facilities Department: Provision of company ID, pass codes, instructions, access to facilities, etc.

All of these departments need to communicate and collaborate, often in real time, to successfully bring a new employee into the fold. Multiple dependencies and ineffective communication are factors that can cause significant delays, increasing the costs of onboarding while leaving new employees with a sour mood from day one.

Using SharePoint & Office 365 to Manage Onboarding

In an ideal scenario, new employees are quickly and smoothly embedded into a new organization so that they can become as productive as possible while being accepted by their new colleagues. The reality, however, is often quite different.

In addition to the sheer difficulty of onboarding, companies face obstacles when relying on error-prone technologies, such as spreadsheets, e-mail, and paper. What’s needed is a modern, streamlined onboarding experience.

Crow Canyon’s Onboarding system is a flexible and adaptable solution that is built on the premise that every organization is unique in terms of its HR needs: what applications are used, different employee roles, branch office locations, and regulatory compliance requirements. The Crow Canyon solution is seamlessly integrated with the most popular business environments used in the world today: Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

To effectively deal with these unique needs—as well as multi-department communication challenges—Crow Canyon’s Onboarding system uses a streamlined step-by-step approach with the following features:

  • Fully configurable workflows that can be customized based on your business requirements — map out the entire onboarding process and then bring it to life in SharePoint;
  • Intuitive dashboard interface that conveys the individual progress of new hires throughout the onboarding process;
  • Assignable tasks with auto-notifications designed to keep all participants involved in the entire process;
  • Easily create new change requests from the Dashboard — all requests follow a configurable workflow that automatically routes the request to appropriate recipients; and,
  • Simple or complex approval processes enable you to specify factors that decide how requests are approved and who approves them (e.g., approvals based on requester location, role, permissions based on role, regulations, and so on).
Onboarding in Regulated Industries

If your organization works in a highly-regulated industry, such as utilities, healthcare, or finance, the Crow Canyon Onboarding system helps you manage the risks associated with non-compliance. In these scenarios, all onboarding actions such as user access, credential verifications, and role permissions are tracked and recorded for auditing purposes. Customizable notifications and alerts help to ensure that parties are kept aware of the progress of new hires in compliant-sensitive environments.

Bring Order to Onboarding

With a system such as Crow Canyon’s Onboarding system, bringing on new hires can be streamlined and automated. The inherent difficulties of onboarding someone can be overcome with effective communication and task management.

Contact us for a free demo. We also offer trials of the software. We hope to hear from you as you look to improve your onboarding and aim to better efficiencies to your organization, as well as start new employees off on the right foot.

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