At Crow Canyon we know that using our SharePoint software applications can contribute substantially to lowering costs and increasing efficiency, while providing better service to employees and customers. We know this because we have seen it happen for so many of our customers.

Our initial conversations with customers frequently involve discussing how a legacy system, such as their email or Excel-based help desk or customer support solution, is just not working well.

There are lost calls and unfulfilled requests. Response times are slow. Employees and customers are dissatisfied with the quality of service they receive.

On the other end of the spectrum, people tell us about the overly complex and expensive custom solutions that were put in place. But now they are outdated or too much trouble to use. They often need updates or revisions to those solutions due to changes in their businesses, but the costs of doing that are prohibitive. They come to us to find a more reasonable, yet fully effective solution.

Why Our Business Process Automation Works

Our SharePoint & Office 365 applications are able to provide cost-effective, efficient solutions to many business process issues.

We have improved the support and service at organizations throughout the world. For example, one company manufactures and services specialty computers. When there is an issue with one of these computers, their customers call the company’s support center. Our Help Desk for SharePoint manages these issues, problems, and requests.

If the Support Rep cannot solve the issue over the phone or by email, the next step is to have the specialty computer shipped to the manufacturing plant for repair. In our system, the Support Request is escalated to become a Service Ticket.

Service Ticket Tracking

Office 365 Business Applications

The Service Ticket involves tracking the issue – shipping the computer to the factory, doing the repair, and sending the fixed computer back.

The Service Ticket incorporates processes such as approval to ship the device, intake, analysis of the problem, generating a quote for repair, and tracking the computer through to its return to the customer.

By implementing our SharePoint software, this manufacturing company was able to streamline their business processes to provide faster response, efficient service delivery, and lower costs.

We have many examples like this of our SharePoint or Office 365 software improving and enhancing business processes for better service and reduced costs. See our Success Stories page for more customer studies.

Our SharePoint / Office 365 applications are adaptable and flexible enough to provide a wide range of Business Process Automation capabilities. Our customers are able to provide better service, quicker turnaround times, higher productivity, with more satisfied employees and customers, while lowering costs. That, after all, is the ultimate goal of BPA.

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