electronic document management

In today’s highly competitive world, the success of securing new business can hinge on the speed at which you can retrieve needed documents and information. Consider the efficiency of your company’s current document management and retrieval process: is there room for improvement? Documents traditionally kept in filing cabinets take up valuable space and are far from practical in a high-tech, online world. The move to electronic document management, where information can be securely stored and easily accessed is not just a trend—it’s the new reality that here’s to stay.

Advantages of Electronic Document Management

More and more companies are moving to a virtually paperless operation. This not only cuts costs but, for the eco-conscious, also reduces your organization’scarbon footprint, a laudable goal in itself.

  • Perhaps the most significant benefit of electronic document management is the ability to back up your information and documents securely. In the event of a fire or natural disaster, document retrieval is vital to restore your operations. Documents can easily be backed up and stored off site if you have access to a cloud-based backup facility.
  • Document retrieval is much faster when communicating with customers who may want information on prices, delivery schedules, technical specifications and product availability. This can all be done without leaving your desk.
  • Electronic filing is far more efficient and eliminates the risk of lost or misfiled documents, along with the mind-numbing process of paper filing.
  • Your company’s inter-departments communication is quicker and easier.
  • You save a significant amount of time and money by reducing the need to frequently print or copy documents. Budgets for paper, ink and printer maintenance are reduced substantially.
  • The process of archiving or destroying old files is much quicker with an electronic system.
  • Filing cabinets take up valuable real estate. This “dead space” could be used more profitably by installing more work stations or new equipment to increase productivity.
 Cloud-Based Document Management

For companies with national or global operational networks, it is important that documents and data are easily accessible to users across the organization, no matter where they are located. This is also highly beneficial to staff who are temporarily in the field. A cloud-based system provides this flexibility, and can also enable better financial control to track revenue and expenses, supplier invoices and payments. Sales staff anywhere can quickly retrieve up-to-date price lists, inventories and delivery schedules.

An electronic document management system integrates easily with SharePoint, harnessing the collaborative power of the SharePoint platform for your complete advantage and peace of mind.