Enhancing SharePoint and Office 365Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint are, without a doubt, the leaders in the world of IT productivity and collaborative environments. In the five years since its launch, Office 365 has become the most popular enterprise cloud service. Office 365 is now firmly entrenched as the productivity platform of choice for many U.S. enterprises. SharePoint has followed suit, with over 80% of Fortune 100 companies using it in some form and a projected 20% growth rate up to 2019. In the last five years, 75% of all intranets implemented were built on SharePoint.

When Out-of-the-box SharePoint Won’t Do

Popularity, however, does not always equate to meaningful usability. It is unrealistic to expect that Office 365 and SharePoint will be capable of addressing your specific business needs, simply because every organization is unique. Microsoft platforms lay the foundation for productivity and collaboration, but are not designed to provide business-specific functionality such as asset management, facilities management, help desk capabilities, and human resources management. This is where our NITRO™ layer comes into play.

NITRO™ is the foundation of our application and custom development work and enables us to provide full-featured business solutions that seamlessly integrate with Office 365 and SharePoint. No coding or special skills are required; our applications work hand-in-hand with Microsoft technology.

NITRO™ Powers Up Office 365

Organizations that have adopted Office 365 are looking to derive maximum value out of the platform. IT departments demand a dependable solution that is designed specifically for Office 365. That is why we have built our NITRO™ technology layer from the ground up following all Microsoft standards for Office 365 development.

Crow Canyon NITRO™ is 100% native Office 365 — all apps and add-ins are built specifically for Office 365. We do not use sandboxed solutions, legacy on-premises features orc ode, or custom-coded web parts.

Our Office 365 development process ensures that your Crow Canyon apps, add-ins, and applications are future-proof and will work as expected as Office 365 evolves.

NITRO™ Powers Up SharePoint 2013 and 2016 On-Premises

The NITRO™ layer for on-premises SharePoint turns SharePoint 2013 and 2016 into powerful business application delivery platforms. Our on-premises web parts are built specifically for SharePoint on-premises. Our applications, such as the IT Help Desk, can be deployed to your SharePoint environment with zero coding. In a short time, you can be up and running with a Help Desk solution that is fully integrated with SharePoint. All our other application work the same way — built for the right platform, easy-to-install, and 100% configurable with no coding.

Configurability, Functionality, Reliability Built In

Configuration can be done by admins/power users with no technical background or coding skills required — an intuitive user interface enables your admins to tweak and configure your NITRO™-powered application so that it works the way that you want it to.

Another example: our Policy & Procedure Management application — whether on SharePoint on-premises or in Office 365 — is designed to handle all aspects of the document revision, verification, and management processes. The program uses a ticket-based methodology to track the movement and status of documents in an organization. Highly configurable tasks are associated with each document, enabling the appropriate parties to request documents, grant approvals, and assign document verifications.

Communications, revision requests, and document review requests can all be initiated from within SharePoint. Comprehensive notifications, alerts, and reporting and analytics functionality ensure that everyone involved is kept informed and always has access to critical information.

The workflow and process-based functionality found within our Policy & Procedure Management program may be complex, but it was all developed in accordance with Microsoft standards for SharePoint and Office 365 development. This level of reliability means that your NITRO™ fueled business applications can easily scale upwards based on your business’s future needs.

Learn More About Enhancing SharePoint and Office 365

We are excited about sharing the back-story of the NITRO™ layer because it enables IT companies to leverage the power of their Microsoft platforms to create robust and relevant business applications. If you’d like to learn more about how our solutions can help your company engage with your customers and/or users, give us a call at 1-925-478-3110 or contact us by e-mail at sales@crowcanyon.com

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