SharePoint is a versatile, web-based platform developed by Microsoft that is used by many major companies for highly effective document and file management, team SharePoint Applicationscollaboration, enterprise research and business intelligence. In addition, it has the capability for system and process integration, as well as workflow automation. SharePoint can be accessed via both intranet and extranet portals.

Take advantage of the full power and versatility of the SharePoint platform through the installation of SharePoint application software that will significantly improve efficiency and productivity within your organization.

IT Help Desk 

SharePoint application software can be utilized to:

  • Capture service requests and incident reports from multiple sources using a ticket system
  • Improve productivity by coordinating support resources, scheduling appointments and assigning tasks
  • Measure and track IT help desk service levels
Service Desk/Service Request 

You can make use of SharePoint solutions to automate the service request process in many departments of your organization. This will eliminate the need for service desk staff to deal with requests of a repetitive nature, for example, leading to higher productivity overall. It will also eliminate time consuming emails and follow-up calls by installing an application to manage service requests from your employees.

Business Process Automation 

The ultimate goal of business process automation is to:

  • Provide quality service to both customers and employees
  • Have quicker turnaround times in service
  • Increase the productivity of your staff
  • Lower costs

By installing a SharePoint software application to automate your business process, you will experience much greater levels of both customer and employee satisfaction.

Customer Support/CRM 

Building good relationships with clients is vital in any business. Ask any customer and they will tell you that what creates the best impression is having a service request dealt with to their satisfaction in a fast and efficient manner.

The immediate benefits of implementing customer support SharePoint solutions are:

  • Increasing service staff productivity by providing a centralized, easy to use system to manage customer service requests
  • Automating request routing and tracking to improve efficiency of your support staff
  • Reducing time spent on follow-up calls

In addition, this SharePoint application is of tremendous benefit to management as a tool to measure service levels, response times and costs.

Contract & Procurement Management 

This application will enable management within your company to control the contract creation and tendering process. It also allows them to track all purchasing activity throughout the organization.

By implementing this particular SharePoint solution, you will allow staff easy access to:

  • Document libraries for both contract and procurement management
  • Approved vendor lists
  • Standardized reporting mechanisms for contracting and procurement activities

You can also integrate this application with financial management software and the storage of electronic records.

These are just a few of the solutions that will enable you to enjoy improved productivity and efficiency within your operation. The SharePoint application software is flexible, which allows customization to your existing forms and processes.

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