Our sympathies and concern go out to all affected by the coronavirus, which, unfortunately, is basically everyone in the world. We at Crow Canyon want to try to help where we can. We are not a healthcare company (though many of our customers are in the healthcare field). We are a software company, so we want to offer whatever assistance and support we can through the means of software, specifically SharePoint and Office 365.

With that in mind, here is what we are offering to the community so as to help in whatever small way we can:

1. Request Manager for SharePoint and Office 365.
Our Request Manager application can help organizations manage the influx of questions, issues, concerns, and needs around the coronavirus emergency. The application helps companies to field requests and provide information and responses quickly. It is much better than using simply email and spreadsheets. Users can submit requests by email, through a web portal, or on a mobile device; the staff can respond efficiently and quickly using the features of the Request Manager. All requests are tracked and none are lost.

To learn more, contact sales@crowcanyon.com.

2. Microsoft Teams Mini-Summit – Learn to use Microsoft Teams Effectively.
Free Series of Webinars took place Thursday, March 26.

We are hosted three Microsoft MVPs who presented a series of webinars on using Microsoft Teams to its best advantage at your organization. Companies are using Teams more and more as they move to a remote workforce due to the restrictions around the coronavirus. These webinars were geared to help your staff get more familiar with Teams and its many features.

The sessions were:
– Vision and Strategies for Microsoft Teams with Joel Oleson, MVP & RD
– Become a Microsoft Teams Rockstar with Gokan Ozcifci, MVP & RD
– Discover Private Channels in Microsoft Teams with Mike Maadarani, MVP

Get more information here.

We wish all good health and safety!