Help Desk Management Crow Canyon SoftwareIn the modern business world, there are numerous company formats and styles associated with the product or service each company provides. Each type of business carries with it a certain set of problems that can deter their employees from working to their optimal efficiency. Disorganization can arise for a multitude of reasons, ranging from sudden expansion to changing a production cycle.

Whatever the situation, the first step in solving these issues is to find the source of the problems. Diagnosis is a crucial step, followed by the application of a specific and targeted plan. The most efficient way to complete this goal is to implement well-designed help desk management software in an effort to streamline productivity and corral data for further use.

Introducing Shattered Ideas: A Business without Help Desk Management Software

Let me introduce you to Shattered Ideas. This mid-sized video game developer has shipped a very successful product for mobile devices. Since their first games release, they have hired more employees, ranging from programmers to community coordinators, to oversee the next product and their burgeoning message boards. Also, they are taking an innovative approach with their next project by releasing a “beta” version and constantly updating the product based on customer feedback.

To be successful, a business must take a hard look at their company infrastructure and change aspects to fill any possible gaps in efficiency. Our video game company has a set of issues, all of which can be solved through the proper use of SharePoint based applications.

Diagnosing Problems to Be Solved by Help Desk Management Software

Due to their sudden popularity, the Shattered Ideas company has grown quickly. Though positive from a business standpoint, another byproduct of this progression is a massive influx of new issues, many of which can be solved through help desk management software. From a basic perspective, the company is dealing with:

  • more IT service tickets due to an increase in workers
  • a new net-based form to take bug reports about the new game from customers
  • set-up and monitoring of new development computers used by employees.

Being hit with all three problems at once puts a company in a difficult position. Whether the information comes from employees or from beta users, trying to keep all of it in check would fill the hours of two full time employees. But this data is necessary to keep the company efficient and on top of developing their new product.

Help Desk Management Software Solves Issues

Help Desk Management Software for SharePointMost of Shattered Ideas’ problems come from an inefficient method of gathering new data for use by the company, and the inability to handle the wealth of information in a readable manner. This is where help desk management software becomes essential; a SharePoint based application suite that focuses on IT and customer support, as well as asset tracking, ticks all the right boxes.

By implementing IT and customer support software, Shattered Ideas can now easily collect data and create service tickets for any possible issues during development. SharePoint has the ability to automatically draw out information from emails to fill in ticket templates; these tickets can then be shared among developers and tackled according to their severity in an effort to keep development progressing smoothly. This process can be used to gather and correlate all of the data collected from the product’s beta users, and to arrange in service tickets for browsing by development staff. Internally, IT workers can easily receive service tickets from workers if their machine is malfunctioning or a network issue arises.

From an IT perspective, an asset tracking add-on for help desk management software makes identifying possible computer problems much easier and allows an automated cataloguing of all computers on the businesses network, including laptops. Asset tracking, through SharePoint’s architecture, is able to log the specifications, manual and warranty information of each computer and make it accessible directly from the service ticket. With the relevant data at his fingertips, an IT worker has a better chance of solving an issue quickly and comprehensively. This process cuts down on the back and forth emails or long phone conversations that usually come into IT, and solves the last issue holding back Shattered Ideas.


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