Barcode SharePoint It Asset ManagementAre your IT Assets barcoded? Adding barcode technology can take your SharePoint IT Asset Management program to another level. Barcoding greatly eases asset intake, checkin/checkout, audits, inventory, and integration with service tickets.

The Benefits of Using Barcoding for SharePoint IT Asset Management

Barcoding can offer immediate access to large amounts of data relating to each asset, whether that data is in SharePoint or other databases. Physical location, acquisition and utilization information, as well as the scheduling of maintenance and upgrades can all be accessed quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.

Barcoding can be used with a SharePoint-based IT Asset Management program to help your IT Department effectively and efficiently manage the equipment vital to the business’s operations. When the asset management program is used with an IT Helpdesk for SharePoint, the combination leverages the collaborative power of SharePoint to provide a powerful way to establish and maintain high levels of service to your organization.

Key Benefits of Implementing a Barcode Solution:

  • Efficient capture and reconciliation of vast amounts of information
  • Increases data integrity and reduces error reconciliation
  • Increased accountability and control simplifies mandatory record-keeping
  • Easily implemented with short employee training time
  • Reduces labor costs while drastically cutting time for physical inventory management
  • Immediate access to equipment and inventory location
  • Accounts for lost and misplaced assets
  • Eliminates missed maintenance schedules
  • Helps discover and allocate idle equipment
  • Increased security of sensitive information is facilitated by ready access to asset positioning
  • Automatic id and data capture with RFID can track assets that are on the move

Barcodes are often overlooked as a method for cutting costs and saving time in SharePoint IT Asset Management. They are inexpensive to design and print and easily customized to contain the precise information you need. We can help you implement this accessible cost-effective choice for businesses looking to improve access, increase efficiency and reduce overhead. In this way your SharePoint IT Asset Management Program is optimized to best and most cost efficiently work for you.

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