Customer Quotes

Very easy to use and customize. Our internal users love it more than our old ticket system. It is easy to track which stage your ticket is in and who it is assigned to...

—Uka Udeh

I hit a home run by choosing Crow Canyon… this is a great product, and the support has been superb...

—Joe Noker (Supervisor of the Service Desk)

Crow Canyon’s Service Desk for SharePoint has given our IT department the tools to effectively communicate...

—Michael Harmon (Senior Database & Integration Analyst)

Crow Canyon’s super-responsive support team … provides quick answers and fixes to any problems or issues that arise.

—Paul D. Shane

Crow Canyon integrated very well, the price was right for us, and the ease-of-use was so great ... There were not a lot of complicated processes required.

—Mohit Robinson, IT Director, ZCL Composites

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