17 04, 2013

Connected: SharePoint as Effective Customer Service Strategy

2019-01-27T01:49:58+00:00April 17th, 2013|

Plenty of metaphors can be used to describe a healthy company, such as “the well-oiled machine” or “the functional family.” The most effective and holistic metaphor to date, however, is “the human body.” The way that the various systems of the body work in concert to keep our forms fully functioning [...]

11 04, 2013

Inside Looking In: Productivity Management Software and Internal Service

2019-01-27T01:50:37+00:00April 11th, 2013|

Companies sometimes focus too much of their IT services on the outward facing population rather than their own employees. Of course, making sure that customers’ issues are solved in a timely manner remains an important role of the computing process. But in order to have incoming service tickets handled as efficiently [...]