Crow Canyon Integrated Suite of Products

Capture, Track, Assess, Resolve, Change, Measure.

Crow Canyon has designed its applications and tools to work together to promote productivity by bringing the right information and the right tools to the technician at the right time in the process.  This allows the technician to concentrate on getting the asset or user back online rather than leaving his station to visit the user’s machine.

With Crow Canyon’s Support Center tools, the end-user enters a trouble ticket right from an Outlook form, email or website (Outlook HelpDesk).  This ticket is routed to the Help Desk staff for review and assignment.  Once the appropriate technician receives the ticket he/she can start the problem resolution process immediately.  With the click of a button from the trouble ticket form, the technician can review all relevant hardware, software and hotfix information (CCS Network Inventory).  Capacity status and event activities can be reviewed for the relevant desktop or asset (CCS EventLog).  Also, any relevant past incidents and resolutions can be accessed from the knowledgebase (CCS Knowledgebase).  Armed with this information and never leaving the trouble ticket screen, the technician determines an incorrect update was done for a driver and uses a remote control tool (CCS RemoteControl*) to fix the problem on the spot.   The the change is logged (CCS ChangeMgr*) so that it is tracked and can be reviewed for further action. 

Outlook HelpDesk Trouble Ticket with Asset and Event Information at the touch of a button!

The task is now complete, the end-user is emailed a resolution note, and the service attributes are put into the service level log database (CCS SLMgr*) for inclusion to future reporting and measurement.

All of this will be possible by mid 2008 when all products are available. But don't wait till then to get the benefit of an integrated suite. Outlook HelpDesk, CCS Netowork Inventory and CCS EventLog Audit already provide all the information needed to significantly improve support productivity.

* Product Coming Soon!


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