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Outlook Help Desk Software for Support, Service, Task Management

CCS HelpDesk  new release

Simple to use and deploy, yet powerful

Leverage Outlook, Exchange and the Web!

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Exchange Help Desk Software   Exchange & Outlook Help Desk Software for Support, Service, Task Management   

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  • Rapid install and instant deployment with Client OnDemand
  • Tickets submitted from email, Outlook, or Web forms
  • Uses existing infrastructure — Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory, Outlook, Web — that you already have in place!
  • Uses Outlook e-mail, calendaring and tasks so you can coordinate support resources, schedule appointments and assign tasks. 
  • Flexibility to support your process and staff structure with approvals,multi-assignment capabilities and form customization
  • Project, Billing and time tracking
  • High rate of end-user acceptance
  • Full reporting and knowledgebase features
  • Integrates with CCS Network Inventory for asset tracking
  • Link your existing forms and policies to tickets with Templates feature

Three versions to choose from:

Lite - full featured ticket tracking, knowledgebase, running on Microsoft Outlook with no Exchange installation required.

Standard - Lite features plus web-based tickets and email conversion using Exchange

Pro - Standard features plus full web interface, SQL export, escalation and rules manager ...learn more

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CCS HelpDesk Streamlines the process of submitting, assigning, tracking and fulfilling support requests.

SUBMIT - Support Requestors (Employees, Customer, Partners) can submit a request for service from an email (converted to a ticket), Outlook form or web form. This form or "request ticket" allows the requester to identify the type of service (technical issue, hardware requrest, etc) required. The ticket automatically provides drop-down lists relevant to the service to gather details about the request. The user then submits the online form. Relevant documents or attachments can be attached and additional information collected via templates. Addtionally the user can track previously submitted tickets to check the status of the requests.

ASSIGN - The Request Ticket is automatically routed to a central dispatch or directly to the staff person based on type of service. It is reviewed, approved and assigned to the staff responsible for fulfillment of the service via an email notification. Optionally the end-user can be notified of this step.

FULFILL - the assigned staff receives the ticket with relevant information and proceeds to fulfill the request. All activity related to the request is logged and if required, the service department can track time spent and assign additional resources if needed. Additionally relevant hardware, software, capacity and fixes information can be accessed right from the ticket to speed problem resolution.

Once the request is fulfilled an email is sent to the original requestor to let he / she know it is completed.

REPORTING - To track the progress of tickets, see how many are still open or closed, or produce daily, weekly and monthly reports, we provide Report Builder . This allows you to select, filter and export ticket data to an Excel spreadsheet or comma-delimited Text file. With our SQL Link option you can export tickets and/or report data to an SQL database for more advanced reporting.

KNOWLEDGEBASE - The Knowledge Base provides a valuable and easily accessible repository of information on common service requests. It is built from completed tickets and from articles the Service department's staff enters directly. By having a readily available list of articles categorized and sorted, the service staff and users have an important resource to draw from when issues arise.

FLEXIBILITY - With our utilities, you can customize form fields, drop-down lists, notifications, and messages. If CCS HelpDesk does not fulfill all your requirements, Crow Canyon can customize the application for your organization's needs at a reasonable cost.

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- Higher Productivity for Both Support Staff and Employees

- Better communication throughout the support process

- Improved quality of services provided

- Save time tracking requests and paper forms

- Improved support processes and measurement




“I just wanted to tell you that this is by far the best help desk software that I have seen. You have done a great job. I was going to pay a web developer five grand to do the same thing!”

- Mike Thornburg, Network Manager, Titan Plastics Group, Inc

"Crow Canyon Systems has proven with its CCS Help Desk suite that it understands the fundamental business needs of an IT organization by developing software that can easily be deployed, quickly adopted and shows immediate return on investment.

We looked at other solutions which cost many times more for both the product and implementation costs and takes months to deploy. We were able to deploy the CCS Help Desk suite in a matter of days. Within a week, our entire IT organization was managing cases entirely via this application."

- Eugene Alfaro, IT Director, iManage, San Mateo, CA