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Last Update : 2009/04/21
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CCS HelpDesk Install Prerequisites

Answer / Solution

The Following are prerequisites for the installation (also client installs) of CCS HelpDesk 4.1 and above.


1. Extract the .ZIP file on your local drive (not on a share drive)

2. Move the CCSHelpDeskSetup.exe (only that file) to your local C: drive outside of the folder it was in and run the file from there.

3. Please make sure you are able to have a network share that can be accessed by all users that will be using the HelpDesk.

4. Make sure that .NET framework 2.0 is installed on the computer that will be running the Setup

5. Make sure they are local administrators to the computers as well as yourself and your computer if you will be installing the software.

6. Make sure you have permissions set to be able to add folders to the Public Folders if installing on the Public Folders.

7.  Outlook client must be 2003 or above for the initial install of the HelpDesk. The subsequent client installs would have to be Outlook 2000 or above.


**For Windows Vista, run the installer by right clicking on it and choosing "Run as Administrator"

***Also for Windows Vista. If the onDemand installer is failing with a script error and all above are correct try the following. Turn off UAC (User Account Control), reboot the computer, run the client setup onDemand, turn the UAC on, and reboot and computer.

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