Crow Canyon Support

Version 6.1 Upgrade FAQ

What is the cost of upgrading to version 6.1?

If you are on a current Premium Support contract, the upgrade is free. Simply fill out an upgrade request form. If you have purchased the product in the last 60 days, the upgrade is free. If you are on a Basic Support Contract you may take advantage of our 50% off upgrade price. You can purchase the upgrade here. If you are not on a support contract you will need to repurchase the product or you can purchase a Premium Support Contract and get the upgrade free.  Here is a simple table that conveys this information:

 Customer Status  Upgrade Charge Action
 Premium Support Contract  No Charge  Fill out upgrade request form
 Basic Support Contact  50% off upgrade

 Purchase upgrade

 No Support Contract*  Full price  Re-purchase product

*you can also purchase a Premium Annual Support contract and get the upgrade free.

How do I request an Upgrade?

Fill out the Upgrade Request form and we will send you the download link with instructions.

Why should I upgrade to CCS Service Request 6.1?

The main reason to upgrade is to get the new features and support for Exchange 2010/2013 and Outlook 2010/2013, especially 64-bit support.

What if I want to upgrade and add another department?

You can do that easily with CCS Service Request 6.1.  You will have to purchase the additional department license and any additional seats.  The price for each additional department is $495 (includes 1 staff seat) and $150 per additional seat.  All templates are free.  You can order an additional department here.

How involved is the upgrade?

If you have not customized the applications, you can run our upgrade utilities and move all tickets, KB and settings from the old version to 6.1.  It should be a relatively straight-forward process.  If you have customized the application, then we suggest you contact us at to discuss the upgrade.  We may have to re-implement some of the customizations (although new features sometimes eliminate the need). 

We do offer an Upgrade Assistance Package for $199 (for two Service Areas. Additional Service Areas are $50 each.)  With this package we will schedule a time to get online with you and walk you through the upgrade and ensure you are up and running quickly.

Can I run the old version and new version at the same time?  Perhaps putting the new version in a test environment?

Yes, you can run the old version in production and the new version in test folders.

Do I need version 6.1 to run with Exchange 2010/2013 and Outlook 2010/2013?

The upgrade to version 6.1 is necessary to use Outlook 2013 64-bit. Version 6.0 will work with Outlook 2010 64-bit, but not OUtlook 2013 64-bit.

I am running Outlook HelpDesk 3.x, can I upgrade directly to 6.1?

Yes, the upgrade utility supports 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x upgrades.