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At Crow Canyon, we are committed to providing excellent support to our customers. We offer a variety of support resources to help you use our products as successfully as possible. Support is provided during product evaluation (trial period) and to customers on an annual support contract. Others may purchase support per incident.

Annual Support/Upgrade Contracts - We offer Annual Support Contracts for all our products. For details and pricing on Annual Support Contracts, see this page.

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  Phone Support (925) 478-3110 x2 (see process below)
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  Help Desk folder permissions
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  Clearing the forms cache
  HelpDesk forms with Citrix or Terminal Server
  CCS HelpDesk Install Prerequisites
  Overview of how Help Desk works

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Support Process

We suggest that you follow the process below.  This will ensure that our time and yours is used in the most efficient way.

  1. Please review the manuals provided with the product 
  2. For how-to questions, review our technical whitepapers 
  3. Check our Knowledge Base and FAQs 
  4. Submit a support ticket online 
  5. Call our support line if it is a high-priority incident 

Support Services:

Our products are easy to use and install. However, if you need extra assistance we offer online remote assistance for installation and setup. Additionally we provide live online training classes for your support group.

  • Installation and setup 
  • Upgrade Assistance 
  • Online Technician Training 

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Individual Support Calls

The initial purchase of our programs includes free support for 30 days. After the initial 30-day period, support incidents are $125/incident unless you have an Annual Support Contract.