Crow Canyon Support

Support Policy for Outlook programs

Crow Canyon Systems aims to provide solid applications backed by great customer support and service. To ensure that our customers receive the best and fastest resolution to their issues, we define our support policy as follows.

Before requesting support

  • Please review the Crow Canyon support site for updates or other information 
  • Please look in the Crow Canyon’s Manuals and online Knowledge Base to see if your question is already explained. 
  • If you purchased the software from a Reseller, please contact the Reseller for local software support before contacting Crow Canyon. 

Support Procedure

1. Our website knowledge base and the user manuals should be your first attempt at resolving the problem. We will try to keep these as up-to-date and complete as possible.

2. We will provide support primarily via email. All initial support requests will be initiated by email or by filling out our online support ticket. Support response will be provided by email unless our support team deems it necessary to contact you by phone or Skype, or to set up a remote support session.

Note: Please make sure that the domain “” or the email address is not on a spam list or otherwise blocked.

3. If the issue is urgent (software is in a production environment and it has become inoperable), you may call in for support.

4. For non-urgent issues, if our support team has not responded within one business day, you may call in for support.

5. If our support team tries to contact you and there is no response after two emails, a final email will be sent notifying you that the support ticket will be closed in seven days.


All issues are considered support unless they are related to sales inquiries. Crow Canyon provides software support only for its own software products. Software support does not cover software training, local network setup, server setup, or printer driver setup.

Support includes

  • Assistance with software not working as described in manual 
  • Assistance with upgrading to software version updates. 
  • Assistance with software setup questions not described in the user manual. 


Support does NOT include

  • Training (available for additional cost) 
  • Local network or server setup, Microsoft Outlook or Exchange setup, or printer driver setup. 
  • Setup or support for Back Office software applications due to complexities & variables with Exchange setup - refer to Back Office setup manual and Microsoft technical support resources 

Versions supported

  • We support the current version. 
  • We support previous versions as per our Sunset Policy. 

After-purchase support

  • We provide email support at no charge for 30 days after the initial purchase. 


Pre-paid support (Support Contracts)

  • Includes email support (with reply within one business day) for the number of incidents specified in the contract. 
  • Includes free software updates within the current version. 
  • Premium Contracts include upgrades to new version releases. 


Support without pre-paid contract

  • After the 30 day initial purchase period, support incidents that are not bug fixes or requests for enhancements or customizations incur a charge per incident. Consult web site for latest cost of “Individual Support Incidents”. 

Support Hours and Contacts