Crow Canyon Support

Sunset Policy for Outlook Programs

In an ongoing effort to provide reliable high-quality products and services, Crow Canyon periodically "sunsets" (retires) older versions of its products, thereby discontinuing live support and business services for those versions. Under this policy, the most current version of Crow Canyon, plus the prior version, will be supported, subject to certain exceptions.

Sunsetting older versions of Crow Canyon allows us to direct resources on enhancing our products and providing support for more current versions used by the vast majority of Crow Canyon customers. The objective is a better customer experience.

When a Crow Canyon product is scheduled for retirement, Crow Canyon will provide affected customers with advance notice, generally by means of this website and/or email. We update this website regularly, so please visit us again for more information as it becomes available.

If you are currently using a older version of a Crow Canyon product, but want to continue receiving live technical support you will need to install and register a supported version of the Crow Canyon software.

Replacement software and manuals will only be on an as-available-basis for sunset versions of Crow Canyon products. Crow Canyon provides customer support regarding registration for sunset versions of Crow Canyon under our standard terms and conditions, if that data is available. However, Crow Canyon cannot assure that it will be able to register, provide registration codes, or offer data and password recovery for sunset versions of Crow Canyon. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that customers use supported versions of the software.

Terms, conditions, features, service options and pricing for support offerings and optional services are subject to change.

CCS Service Request 6.0/6.1 Current Version
CCS Service Request 5.0 Sunsetted May 2017

CCS HelpDesk 4.0

Sunsetted May 2012

Outlook Help Desk 3.X

Sunsetted July 2009

Outlook Help Desk 2.X

Sunsetted July 1, 2008