Online Tour of CCS Service Request

Welcome to a tour of CCS Service Request

This tour will take you through the steps of submitting, assigning and completing a service request process. Each step in the tour is only a few minutes long. While the tour does not cover every aspect of the application, you will get a good feel for the ease of use and workflow occuring.

Please note that the screens represented in this tour include all fields available. In your implementation you may choose to simplify your forms.

To start a tour segment simply click on the play symbol next to the segment description.

Note: it may take a minute to load, even it says done, it is still loading.


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 Service Request Intro

 Introduction to CCS Service Request

  • Overview of how it works
  • Workflow


 Making a Request

  • Filling out a request
  • Using: email, web, Outlook form

 Assign Ticket

Assigning a Ticket

  • Department routing
  • Assigment options


 Fulfilling a Workorder

  • Activity Log options
  • Knowlegebase, notification

 Setup CCS Service Request

 Configuring For Your Needs

  • Form customization
  • Notifications
  • Templates



Ticket Management and Reporting

  • Management view of tickets
  • Flexible Reporting
 Take the complete tour (10-15 minutes)


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